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Texture Better Character Creation Costumes

Discussion in 'Texture Mods' started by Dad, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Really sick of the lame costume in character creation more so for the lyns with misleading proportions on a few costumes making your legs look like chicken legs.

    I've went on and change everyones costumes to something more fitting and may also help with body proportions.
    I.E Swim costume and so.

    Note: Jin Male crimson faction costume refused to work for me so I left it alone, was annoyed changing them all at that point anyway.
    Female Lyn
    Male Lyn
    Gon Female
    Gon Male
    Jin Female
    Jin Male
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
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  2. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    you're speaking about lyns(which they're taking between young child and young cat/rat/wolf) so we cant expect alot from ncsoft than fkin it up and making all types have same feets :bnsgiggle:
  3. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

  4. SFB

    SFB Cricket Member

    Somethig is wrong with the mod, whrn i install it, i get a messed white and black skin, hel please.
  5. Ludrath

    Ludrath Cricket Member

    Just change the skin tone back and foward and it will get fixed.
  6. ShizunaGremory

    ShizunaGremory Cricket Donator Member

    Umm those links don't work anymore. it says file not available anymore.
  7. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

  8. dss

    dss Cricket Member

    This works only in character creation or in gane too?
  9. yamete2120

    yamete2120 Cricket Member

    the mega link is death plz upload to order link plz love you <3
  10. Endless

    Endless Founder Staff Member Administrator

    They're all working, try again.
    or use vpn if you still can't access it.
    yamete2120 likes this.
  11. Phoenix

    Phoenix Cricket Member

    Female Lyn link is dead. Doesn't work with VPN either.