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Awaken BM Simple Mode Fixes (Updated Fire & Lightening)

Epic Freaking good

See attachment.
Work on both Fire and Lightning BM
Apply all the "Rem" patches if u want TAB RMB LBM only,
"Fix" means Z and V after TAB
"Fix" can only be used with "Rem_BladeStorm" and "Rem_Rod", Do NOT use "Fix" with other "Rem".

Tested on Fire BM (Skill setting on 13111)
Tested on Lightening BM (Skill setting on 13113)

*Note: If u have previously used other addon for BM, Please do a file repair before using this one.


  • AWK-SM-BM_Fix_Sundering_Sword-Scourge_By_EF.patch
    2.7 KB · Views: 350
  • AWK-SM-BM_Rem_BladeStrom_By_EF.patch
    901 bytes · Views: 319
  • AWK-SM-BM_Rem_Rod_By_EF.patch
    532 bytes · Views: 307
  • AWK-SM-BM_Rem_Scorge_By_EF.patch
    526 bytes · Views: 267
  • AWK-SM-BM_Rem_SunderingSword_By_EF.patch
    1.2 KB · Views: 286
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Hellooo, seems like this is outdated. appreciate if someone can update this for Year 2020 ??
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