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  1. Solved Cant 1st time install BNS Buddy

    Hello I recently ran into some pc troubles and was forced to clean install Windows - Thus losing everything. The updater just wont allow me to download the newest version. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is or what i am doing wrong here. is it purely because the "Online Version" is...
  2. Error after Modding

    Hello guys, I've tried to use the KR UI mod but now i'm getting this error that says the files were replaced (as expected i guess) instead of the originals: 00009368.upk 00010081.upk 00015590.upk 00028206.upk I just want to go back to these original files so the error will go away, but even...
  3. "Report this error to endless along with a screenshot". When trying to launch BNS EU 64 Bit.

    Heyo, My BNS Buddy stopped working all of a sudden. When i try to connect to EU, 64 BIT, it just doesnt work anymore!!! :( Help? :(
  4. cupid

    Basic $h*t you should know by now

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! 300 posts!!!! To celebrate my achievement, I will write here all the basic $h*t you should know by now, cause I keep repeating it. This is an ever-growing, always-updating post, and should be read carefully. This list is presented in the form of question/answer, to make it...
  5. GunerX


    Slightly NSFW and Controversial. You've been warned.
  6. GunerX

    Common Errors and Possible Fixes

    Below is a list of common things to try if you are having issues with BnS Buddy (or with any program on Windows in general). Follow these steps in order: [Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributed Packages] - Make sure you have them all and make sure they are not corrupted. Use this all in one...
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