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  1. Justbringit

    BD Simple mode dead after awk patch

    Hey there, i dont know why but since awakening patch bd simple mode doesnt anicancel Right anymore. since yesterday the Rotation its trying to do is f lmb lmb f lmb lmb which makes no sense at all. is it possible to mod it back again to f lmb f lmb?
  2. Create my own addon?

    'Okey so i need a little bit of help here: Im an Assassin and i want to create an Addon that is for Enabling Simple Mode in F12 so i can easy enable and disable it for my needs. Can anybody tell me how an addon is made so i dont have to xml edit everytime again?
  3. GunerX

    Event News New Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest & More Available August 15

    Hot new costumes and more are coming to the Hongmoon Store! We’ve got some HOT items here for the summer! If you’re looking for new costumes, gems, swimsuits, or raid bundles, then lotion up and head to the Hongmoon Store for steamy items you won’t find anywhere else. These new items are...
  4. GunerX

    News Blade & Soul: Frozen Firing Range Patch Preview - Recap

  5. GunerX

    News Blade & Soul: False Idols Patch Notes

    The Templar and Barrier Keeper are seeking restitution—in blood. Join the fight in Blade & Soul: False Idols on July 25 and bring an end to the Automatons’ blind servitude! Community Manager Bethany “Liinxy” Stout and Producer Jonathan “Babbletr0n” Lien showed off Blade & Soul: False Idols’...
  6. GunerX

    News Blade & Soul: Call of the Deep Patch Preview

  7. Heldegas

    Remove Skill Change Delay

    Hey guys, How to : In XML//XML64 => client.config2.xml Change <option name="train-complete-delay-time" value="1.500000" /> to <option name="train-complete-delay-time" value="0.100000" /> This removes (10ms instead of 1.5 seconds) that annoying delay when hitting confirm to change skills...
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