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  1. blademaster0

    Request UE4 May i ask for skin swap Bravo hair and Daywatch outfit with hongmoon uniform and jiangshi cap

    The outfit with hongmoon uniform the hairstyle with jiangshi cap For Yun Message me here
  2. Texture UE4 looking for hair mod commission

    hello everyone, im looking for someone that will do a hair mod for me, if you're willing to do it i'd appreciate it so much (could give you some ingame gold or sth. else (EU)) It replaces one of the default JinF Hair (Idk if these Objects are still valid, they're from UE3) Default: The mod i...
  3. GB28

    Other Enhanced Sliders mod for Unreal Engine 4?

    Is there an enhanced sliders mod available for Unreal Engine 4? I tried using old ones and none of them work, and I can't get BnS buddy todecompile XML.dat so I can edit it manually
  4. Open BnS One-Click-Tool does not work

    So today I have tried to get this thing to work but I have consistently Hit a wall with I dont know what. I read a lot of guides and threads about getting the Tool to work but none of those helped at all. So heres my problem: I die everything as the guide/Video told me up until the point where...
  5. Request Animation LynF Dance

    someone have that mod and can please upload it .
  6. cupid

    Mod Installer for BnSBuddy

    Sometimes, you have to install a mod, and it comes in folders, subfolder, sub-subfolders .... Sometimes, you only have the .upk/.umap file, and want to make a mod for it. This tool does it for you! Instructions and requirements: You MUST have 7-Zip or Winrar for it to work with .zip, .7z or...
  7. Request Addon Help changing fighting spirit rotation in simple mode for KFM

    Few days ago i discovered the world of modding and i want to make one big change for kfm in wind build at least which is during bb the rotation is r2rf which is like the standar rotation... and i want to change it to 4rf which is the "optimal" rotation for kfm during bb and low tier gear (i have...
  8. Request Texture Can someone help me find a Upk?

    So I'm still fairly new to modding bns, but I'm trying to find a Upk to mod. I looked all over in the bnsmodtool but couldn't find familiar skins. Like for summoner, you can equip skins to change how your cat looks. There's one skin that looks like a panda, and that's the one I want to edit. Buy...
  9. XTGMods

    Request Texture Possible To Get a List of All Costumes?

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get an entire list of all the outfits in the game with their respective ID codes? Does anyone have a list? Or if it is possible, how would one go about retrieving this list?
  10. So how do I go about modding an outfit?

    I want to customize a pre-existing outfit, mostly just a recolor. How would I go about doing so? o.o
  11. Amber A Williams

    Request Texture Wanna replace old ears and tail willing to pay gold

    I made this post so (Dad) could make this mod for me but there are other people out there to make this mod so yea. I want someone to mod the blue wolf ears into the white nine tails but i want u to make the ears small, i don't like them so big just make them a little smaller if possible i am...
  12. oreodonutsu

    (lyn) alice hair to "luminous"

    Hey guys,for the last couple hours i've been trying to figure out how to change the lyn alice hairstyle to this one https://puu.sh/yjTHh/4f24dc82af.gif (found it in the tw showroom) but i've failed miserably, would any of you with the skills and time to spare be willing to help me out with this...
  13. GunerX

    Will I get Banned For Modding? No you will not.

    Blab himself has stated previously that "so long as it does not trigger GameGuard (now Xigncode), you will not be banned". While Modding is "technically" against the ToS, they are not going after people who mod. "But Random person XYZ got banned for modding! Its totally True! I have no proof...
  14. All about hair modding!

    Anivay's guide on hair modding. Saved from Blade & Soul Dojo before it was shut down. Hair Modding Guide by Anivay Hi guys! I've had a lot of people asking me about hair modding. I was thinking of making another video tutorial, but there's too many different cases/information for me to cover...
  15. GunerX

    Splash NSFW My Splashes (incase anyone actually wanted them)

    Just putting these here incase anyone wanted them, doubt anyone would tho. Preview of two of them (too lazy to make previews for all of them)
  16. GunerX

    How to use Addons with BnS Buddy

  17. GunerX

    Increase FPS for Nvidia Users

  18. GunerX

    Blade and Soul One Click Tool

    A General Guide to the Blade and Soul One click Replacement Tool Download the Tool Here | This download is ment for the average user and is confirmed to be 100% functional. This archive was made using 7zip, please use 7zip to extract it. Download the Tool Here | Normal Zip | Use this if you get...
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