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  1. XTGMods

    Dance NSFW Animation [GonF, JinF] Custom Dances From Various Games

    I will post custom dance animations in this thread, I've so far edited and made 2 fully finished custom dances for GonF, the JinF versions will be updated later. You must install my nude DoA base body, or else everything will break, and it shouldn't hurt anyways because the DoA nude base body...
  2. XTGMods

    NSFW Model UE4 [GonF, JinF] DoA Honoka Nude Body With Custom Jiggle Physics

    Working on NA/EU only due to localization Modified DoA Honoka Nude body for Gon and Jin female, the body proportions have been increased, therefore it is suggested that you don't go overboard with your sliders. There are both custom breast and butt jiggle physics for Gon female, but only breast...
  3. Imera

    Texture Model Kibelius - JinF

    Kibelius (from bdo, wing and dress) to JinF >Download<
  4. Kayo

    Texture Retexture for "Summer Glow" and "Summer Saga" (JinF only)

    my pantyhose fetish made me make a pantyhose version but since i believe bare legs fit a bit better i made 2 versions, Summer Saga looks the same on both versions it only affects "Summer Glow". The Pantyhose i made for the one version slightly changes, depending on the Skincolor it could be a...
  5. Request Texture Jin costume mod request

    i would appreciate if anyone could mod Temptation and Twist of Fate costumes For Jin with no underwear if possiblle remove bra from temptation too THX in advance :)
  6. Request Texture JinF & Yun Blackram General to Bloodlust

    Can anyone do this for me? I'm too low geared for hardmode BC but I really like the outfit. Thanks in advance, it's much appreciated!
  7. Request Texture courtesan outfit mod

    can someone remove the yellow and pink overall for jin f
  8. [JinF] Hongmoon and Cerulean Order to Bikinis

    I was annoyed with starter outfits "flapping" while running so I replaced it with minimalistic bikinisP.S. I know it is easy to do with One Click Tool, just wanted to share
  9. Request Texture JinF Hongmoon Uniform to Summer Glow

    Hello, I was hoping someone could provide me mod upks for JinF as stated in the title. I tried updating the database, but it didn't change anything, or it just doesn't show the costume I want. Any help would be appreciated. :)
  10. Kouyouku

    Tailor shop mods

    Replacing the original textures to be painted. I do not know the names of all the costumes. (I would be grateful if someone would tell me their names.) Be guided by this scheme. LynF JinF Kun / Yun GonF I will update this topic when I make new mods.
  11. Texture Fulfilled finding race specific head upk's [JinF]

    has anyone able to find whats the upk for JinF or JinM? im trying to swap GonF/GonM to Jin but cant for the life of my find the head upks.
  12. GunerX

    GonF to JinF Stance Showcase

  13. GunerX

    GonF idle stances swap with JinF - by Soupy

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/6z6qvgu8q7hu352/Soupy%20-%20GonF%20DES-KFM-FM%20swap%20with%20JinF%20Poses%20%5BFM%20Fixed%5D.7z https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/d00189c046ccc8c3e746fd7d812ca46ffc4149d2ba671c0c013caf75fa8c4da8/detection Big shout out to Soupy on discord for making this highly...
  14. Request Texture Saberfang edit

    can someone edit this outfit removing the selected part and the cape on jinf?
  15. Ashe23

    Texture Blue Colored Beach Day (JinF)

    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/tf9p3ch73j733z2/JinF_BeachDay.zip Feel free to share yr screenshots with my swimsuit in this thread :bnspeace3:
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