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  1. Request Texture How to mod BnS now?

    Can I get a how-to on costume mods and that is all? I'm completely new to BnS buddy and a lot of stuff seems out of date. Would appreciate any help thats out there :)
  2. KotonoHanako

    Open Game Client is still running when it's not

    As the title says. This is what it says: I haven't launched the game in at least a month, although I did update when I last touched the game. What might be going on?
  3. Kant

    Unsolveable Help with archer wind skill animation

    Hi guys, I use archer wind, when using hide animation, the twind storm skill # 3 (storm bold 2 instant cast), the circles where I must stand to launch the skkill disappear when i am moving, it is almost impossible to locate the circles if I do not see them, someone knows what is called the skill...
  4. pop13325

    Solved I can't make the program find my game folder.

    I supposed to find some folder that call BnS right? But when locate it to bns(in the picture 6) I got an error. This is all my folder in BnS install location. By the way this BnS from Garena.
  5. Fire FM Simple Mode Blazing Wall (need help!)

    I have an Ancestral Badge and the cooldown of Inferno decreases 15 sec when i use Blazing Wall, but with the simple mode the Blazing Wall sometimes is casted when Inferno is available and the effect of the badge become useless. Someone can help me adding a condition to only cast Blazing Wall...
  6. Lachey

    need help locating mod

    ive seen this only two times now is this hair a mod or a new hair in game?
  7. Pls help me!

    When i mod VTFX i cant loading in julia raid here this bug. Pls fix this. Im from Vietnam sever, sry for my bad english!
  8. Request Texture UPK Manager does not export any upk file

    When i just remove a part of an outfit it just fine but i replace a part of an outfit which have skin of character under this part with another part of an another outfit, the UPK Manager doesn't rebuild any UPK file. There is my D, M, S, N files. Can someone help me fix this issues or show my...
  9. cupid

    Basic $h*t you should know by now

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! 300 posts!!!! To celebrate my achievement, I will write here all the basic $h*t you should know by now, cause I keep repeating it. This is an ever-growing, always-updating post, and should be read carefully. This list is presented in the form of question/answer, to make it...
  10. Is there no fast way of updating one-click-tool's database?

    I ran the run.bat file and it ran for about 7 hours. But that didn't seem to update anything. Do i seriously need to go through that massive guide, editting bat files, and jump through all the hoops just to get it working? I just want to replace a damn outfit, not write my own computer program.
  11. BnS Buddy crashing programs!

    Hello! I've got a quick question about Bns Buddy, which is nowhere to be found; nor is it in FaQ What is Bns Buddy's port, I am trying to use it in internet cafe and each time I try opening bns buddy, it crashes the internet cafe's main program...Which sucks, because they could ban me from...
  12. Request Texture Can someone help me find a Upk?

    So I'm still fairly new to modding bns, but I'm trying to find a Upk to mod. I looked all over in the bnsmodtool but couldn't find familiar skins. Like for summoner, you can equip skins to change how your cat looks. There's one skin that looks like a panda, and that's the one I want to edit. Buy...
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