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  1. Request Animation UE4 Alternative walking animation Yun

    Hi, back on UE3 i swapped one upk file that i acquired from jap client to revert the walking animation of Yun. While watching them showcase UE4 they had the same walking animation but changed it on release. I was wondering if somebody can mod it back. Here is the old walking animation Thank...
  2. Imera

    Texture Model Kibelius - JinF

    Kibelius (from bdo, wing and dress) to JinF >Download<
  3. Nihta

    Texture Christmas day - Nihta's costimes

    Christmas day for Jin F (to this) > LINK <
  4. Miggy Miggs

    Addon Soul Fighter Remove frost storm and ice helix animation

    is it possible to hide the ice tornado animation? eats up a lot of fps for me, and i wanted to try out soul fighter. that is hide animation but keeps the skill .
  5. Request for shadow WL

    Hi there,I'm kind of new to this modding things, but would it possible to make assisted rotation on normal mode for shadow warlock ( similar to how warden has his rmb assisted rotation) to spam rmb and 4? This is mostly question to Exora~ Thanks in advance :3
  6. BNS Buddy and russian client

    Endless, as u already know - for now bns buddy doesnt work with russian client. But as i understand - these mods like using all cores and others - are changes to client.dat (and 64bit version). So i think we (russian players) can just change some strings at this xml-file using BNS Buddy instead...
  7. Corrupted Files

    Hi, I recently decided to try BNS Buddy and it was great , working fine but suddenly everytime I launch game through BNS Buddy after some (random) time I get this error shown in the image: http://i64.tinypic.com/i35bx1.png "Package files are corrupted. Use Check Files to restore them. (None)"...
  8. GunerX

    Event News New Favorite Fantasy Outfit Chest & More Available August 15

    Hot new costumes and more are coming to the Hongmoon Store! We’ve got some HOT items here for the summer! If you’re looking for new costumes, gems, swimsuits, or raid bundles, then lotion up and head to the Hongmoon Store for steamy items you won’t find anywhere else. These new items are...
  9. GunerX

    News Blade & Soul: Frozen Firing Range Patch Preview - Recap

  10. 64bit won't launch

    I can't tell if this is an NC error, bnsbuddy, or user error. I bought this laptop back in April and my bf helped me set it up with bnsbuddy to run 64bit. It ran perfect under 64bit. A few months back, it stopped working. It kept crashing at the login screen, and now it won't even launch 64bit...
  11. Texture Fulfilled Finding to LynF Costume

    I need it. please share to me Thank you.
  12. MusitaX

    Request Texture Soulburn Costume

    Greetings, i was wondering if there would be any possibility to mod the soulburn costume (which tools i'd be needing, maybe somebody has the knowledge to guide me or w.e..) and take off certain details? Such as the Blueish rope around the waist and... other textures like in this picture: ...
  13. Texture Fulfilled Willing to pay:Mod

    ~.Willing to pay for these items modded into a upk file.~ Race Lyn Gender Female Outfit: Carnation outfit to replace Hongmoon Harvest moon to replace Ashes to fall Hair: Secret Keeper Headpiece to replace the sunflower Would greatly appreciate the help! :bnsplease::bnsrose:
  14. Heldegas

    Custom UI color themes

    Hey lads, Just stumbled upon some neat stuff while checking the XMLs. This allows us to change the color themes BNS gives us in OPTIONS => GRAPHICS => THEME SETTINGS, which for the most part are, in my opinion, either bland or not my taste. This below was a random test to see if and how it...
  15. Verona

    Request Texture Pink Angel Wings MOD [Request]

    Im looking for the UPK's of these wings for Lyn, no matter if they are modded to an acc (As long as you can give also the accs UPK's) would be nice to share it if you have it <3 Thanks
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