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Request for shadow WL


Hi there,I'm kind of new to this modding things, but would it possible to make assisted rotation on normal mode for shadow warlock ( similar to how warden has his rmb assisted rotation) to spam rmb and 4?
This is mostly question to Exora~
Thanks in advance :3
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True Hongmoon
I don't think that there's anything that would benefit u as shadow wl and i think there's nothing rly possible with wl normal mode... I tried moving Wingstorm on 4 when off cd (and making every other skill like in normal mode) in simp mode but it turned out simp mode is so crap that it uses non awk skills during sb...

So conclusion wl xml is dead...


So nothing can be done to make warlock work better? Simple mode is terrible yeah..
Just thought maybe if rmb 4 (+ f if posible in any way) would replace macro and make it easier to use,well that was the idea but if you already tried it then rip :c


Not for Simple mode (because of wrong design mentioned here and here on forums) but you can tweak Normal mode to have something easy to macro with only 4 buttons.
3 = Soul Shackle/Ravaging Curse + Imprison/Mortal Coil (depending on which skill is available)
V = Fast Dragon Helix (during Ravaging Curse) + Wingstorm/Hex Storm
R (LB) = Dragon Call/Dragon Helix + Leech + Mantra + RB (in this order)
T (RB) = RB (untouched)
4 = Mantra + Incantation

Working macro (where 0 = Talisman):
v v v (wait 25 ms) 3 3 r t (wait 25 ms) t r 0 3 3 (wait 25 ms) t (loopback)
But I'm sure you will find your perfect macro by yourself.

To apply this mod:
1. Open "Warlock - Normal.xml" in the provided zip with notepad
2. Select all and copy all
4. Open BnS Buddy
5. "Menu" then "Dat Editor"
6. In "File" select "xml.dat" for 32-bit or "xml64.dat" for 64-bit
7. Click on "skill3_contextscriptdata_warlock.xml"
8. In the editor (in the right of BnS Buddy) select all then delete all
9. Paste what you've copied from "Warlock - Normal.xml" in the editor (Step 1 + 2)
10. Save (if worked you'll see "Saved." message)
Now play with BnS Buddy and enjoy your new Warlock class.

/!\ Please note that it's tweaked and tested for both Distortion and Scourge builds.


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