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    Open breast size using bns-buddy

    ez pz. if you read their post properly, they give you the location of it. ;)
  2. Endless

    Tool New Outfit Swapping Tool

    you cant use the onedrive link for virus total xD you have to upload the file on virustotal.
  3. Endless

    Tool New Outfit Swapping Tool

    Please provide a virus total :)
  4. Endless

    Request Addon One-Page Character Select Screen

    That's hardcoded into the client we can't do anything abotu this :/
  5. Endless

    Open BNSbuddy priority change issue

    it's a different feature They're seperate features "Boost Priority": When game is focused, windows puts more resources on the game. Then there is Priority: Select how aggresive the priority is set on the process.
  6. Endless

    Open newbie here need help

    Empty your download folder and try again
  7. Endless

    Open Launcher and buddy not working. IP issues?

    Ur ip is blocked OR ISP issues with the routes OR NCSoft having issues
  8. Endless

    Open Error Connecting

    Try a vpn, if it works. Your ip is blocked.
  9. Endless

    Open BNSbuddy priority change issue

    so windows is overwriting the priority over buddy. and buddy puts it back. normal behaviour. its windows gaming mode
  10. Endless

    Open BNSbuddy priority change issue

    You dont use exitlag either? if you do, disable priority settings in it. If not, try disabling gaming mode on win10. Hope this works for you
  11. Endless

    Addon Disabling addons problem

    Deselecting doesnt disable the addon. You have to select the ones u want to disable then press undo.
  12. Endless

    Request Addon Stack items properly or Auto accept overflow inventory

    we can't change the way the game works/handles it. But you can indeed change the limit.
  13. Endless

    Dance NSFW Pole Dance Mod

    Yus, now we get to enjoy more from Ashe <3
  14. Endless

    Dance Pack (Kpop, valentine, winter and summer dance.)

    some old mods arent compatible with latest updates.
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