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    WE don't add the servers. WE're only using existing ncsoft servers. If you want more servers...

    WE don't add the servers. WE're only using existing ncsoft servers. If you want more servers, ask them. Oceanie servers for other regions already have their own servers.
  2. Endless

    Tool Xml Slider editor

    quite simple, you open xml.dat or xml64.dat depending on which version of the client you're using. then apply modifications needed and save.
  3. Endless

    How do I stop Game Setting from resetting?

    easy, your headset/bluetooth device has your settings reset all the time.
  4. Endless

    Can't start with BnS Buddy (64 bit)

    Great to know it's working! Marked as solved ;)
  5. Endless

    Can't start with BnS Buddy (64 bit)

    You did not file repair using nclauncher. it says that the status is patched.
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    Can't start with BnS Buddy (64 bit)

    1: chose a server in bns buddy to the one you're playing normally. 2: file repair using nclauncher 3: proceed doing what you want to do.
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    Issue with 64bit

    file repairing/updating solved the issue! Locked and marked as solved.
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    Updater not updating

    What was the solution?
  9. Endless

    BnS Install Folder

    Assuming the issue got fixed with the solution above.
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    Preview : Succubus : jin, yun, gon and lyn

    title says it's a preview. not released yet.
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    Issue with 64bit

    Open nclauncher, complete the update OR file repair. then try again.
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    Tutorial vidéo

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    Buddy Update & Updater

    Update Added: Restoring already running buddy if new instance exists Fixed Bug: Not being able to move mod folders for new mod manager would cause an io exception Fixed Bug: Installing/Uninstalling a mod which the folder does no longer exist would trigger an error Updater
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    Buddy Update

    Update Added: a plus button for a full description for the mod Added: Preview button in mod manager Added: Help button for mod manager Added: Beautify button to dat editor for xml cleanup Added: Syntax check for dat editor to prevent corrupted files Added: Disabling menu options when...
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    Tutorial vidéo

    c'est quoi qui marche pas exactement?
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