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Event News An Introduction to Fishing

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Fish on! Collect Angler’s Pearls from fishing and exchange them for rewards.
Fishing will be making its way to Blade & Soul on June 19 with the new Blade & Soul: Empyrean Shadows update. Pristine waters are plentiful in the Earthen Realm, so fish should be bountiful!

Hooked on Fishing
Once you complete Act 10: The Gathering Dark, the Hooked on Fishing tutorial will be made available at the Fishbelly Pub in Sapphire Basin. You don’t need to complete all of Act 10 or the fishing tutorial to start fishing, but completing the quests will provide some complimentary bait. Fishing does require you to be level 60, however.
Fishing grounds are noted on the map with special markers. These locations will be the Fishbelly Pub in Sapphire Basin, the Dasari Palace Gardens in Gunwon City, and Moontide Bay in Moon Refuge.
Each fishing ground has different fish at different grades from common to...
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