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Videos yae sakura (side story) version BNS


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oh, Great GREAT . i don't like reading FF but i love watching videos of FF. i hoped of finding BnS FF honestly ! but now i just did. even though i did not understand the THAI, but im a veeran weeb who learned japanese as well, so i only refered to the voice. WELL DONE WELL DONE, imma focking subscribe right now to keep on watching i say
NEXT NEXT when will sakura get to revenge her sister !

just wondering where did you get the VA ( Voice Acting ) from

PS :awakened Necropolis, a long forgotten realm ..... it was refreshing to see it again with lydian, is lydian the villain? or something hidden a bigger villain? *Twitches*
also seeing a flame BM is also refreshing im tired and SICK of seeing all dumb BM 3rd spec and 90% of the server is just Bm Bm Bm Bm Bm Bm everywhere
EDIT : i just saw the other dance video too, and oh god HANAZAWA KANA is MAH GODDESS <3 havnt listened to this one in so long xD
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