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Warrior & Archer Class


Stratus Warrior

With the new classes coming I suggest you all (that's if your planning to make one) start making your new characters and name now and not when the class arrives so you won't sit around for hours making this and that. Also have your gems, gold, and whatever else ready to mail your alts. Clean your clan space and stuff.

If you don't know, never checked twitter or anything. Warriors class are for Jin and Gon (I don't wanna hear any crying about Kun it's pretty obvious why it's not for her...skinny as she is)

Archers are for Jin and Lyn

I'm already creating archer themed lyns for my accounts when it comes to na. I'm trying to have a mixture of the Lycan archers and the project lyn versions of them I've created. Spending days working on just 1 character for hours before making on to the next, for once i'm having a tuff time in creation. Trying to go for the typical Indian theme archer and some holy light goddess/darkness theme.

Gonna revamp a lot of these later on i'm sure.





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