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Want some "unconventional" presets? Click here


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Basically with the free 50 voucher coming up, I'm offering to make people unique presets that (I at least try to make) differ from the stereotypical character. This is gonna be the only time I'll offer this, as its the only time I have a free character slot, so if you're at all interested, get your name in before the 6th, because once I make my next character that's it. Please include any specifics you'd like to see, such as hair color, eye color, scars, etc.

It's worth mentioning that I have no experience with Lyns, but I can always take a crack at it.

For reference, here's a few of my chars:



Sand Warrior
Looking forward to see what presets people would ask for, but i feel its gonna be 90% anime requests 10% movies :bnslaugh:
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