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Unused Alpha Red Moon Costume For Lyn


Stratus Warrior
Found this forgotten costume in the 2011 B&S client.

Removed in official for unknown reasons

Thanks to witchs-forest on tumblr its fixed, sort of.

Again, this is the 2011…no, actually It maybe the 2009 from the video trailers. I’m still digging around the files daily (4k files seeing a lot of cut monsters)

What i’m saying is the costume is janked as hell, not just in physics but it also makes your character glow, glitch your weapon till it’s used in combat (bugs out of combat) and I think it makes your characters body a little skinny…tho that uhh…could be Tammas skinny butt.

If you’d like to try the costume I’ve made it for hongmoon uniform. You NEED to put the original costume file wherever you’ve installed your BNS cooked PC folder.
I.E: NCSOFT\BnS\contents\bns\CookedPC


Put the Modded version in your Mod folder.
I.E: contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\Mod

It's also a Male version but I don't know when i'll bother toying with it.


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