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Texture [UE4] JinF - Hongmoon Earring to Kumi's Nine Tails



I ported Kumi's Nine Tails (Black and White) to Hongmoon Earring mod to make it available in UE4.

Black version can fully swap without any texture bugs.

And the white one has two versions because the mod can't fully swap the accessory (it has some little texture bugs).
Here are the differences of white versions:

V1 makes Master Hong (all version) 's textures a little buggy.
V2 changes Kumi's Tails (NPC) to white.

These versions work on JinF only.

White version from here
Special Thanks: Krizalid#7982


  • JinF-HongmoonEarrings-BlackFoxTail.7z
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  • v1-JinF-HongmoonEarrings-WhiteFoxTail.7z
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  • v2-JinF-HongmoonEarrings-WhiteFoxTail.7z
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  • 1.png
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