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Request Texture [UE3]Requesting help to identify 3rd SIN phantom skill's "outfit" upks


Hello, I'd like to mod SIN3rd's Tab skill costume and attachment(s?) for my JinF.
I searched around and found upk number for skeleton and material(I think?) from this https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/what-is-name-upk-of-outfit.2214/

Jin F
Costume S: 00070606, M: 00070608
Attach S: 00070615, M: 00070617

What I wanted to do are:
1. Remove/Change the headgear
2. Modify the outfit

I saw this https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/sk...lad-something-similar-to-soulburn-flare.2552/ and thought that it should be possible for SIN3rd's Phantom skill outfit/headgear too, but I have no more clue about which upk should I deal with. Deleting/modifying 00070615 and 00070617 seems to not be able to completely get rid of the headgear. I suspect that there might be other file(s) that need to be worked on.

Also removing 00069254 doesn't work. Removing this will remove the skill effect.

Below was what I've tried.

(Note: my char was not wearing the Hongmoon uniform, it appears as Hongmoon uniform regardless what I was wearing prior to the transformation/skill)
- I tried replacing 00070606 and 00070608, while also deleted 00070615 and 00070617. The character turned out to appear wearing Hongmoon uniform and missing hair(bald).
- Deleting only 00070615 and 00070617 without messing with the outfit resulted the skill's original black outfit and still missing/bald hair.
- Replacing only 00070615 and 00070617 without messing with the outfit resulted the skill's original black outfit and still missing/bald hair.
- Deleting all 4 files resulting in character appears to be wearing Hongmoon uniform and also missing/bald hair.

Maybe I haven't deleted all the component files of the attachment(headgear)? But I don't know which upk they are if the ones above were not accurate.
-The outfit I tried to use to replace was https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/azura-dragon.1927/ and the mod works fine on its own(aside from JinF seemed to not have NSFW version or I'm doing something wrong; Files in both versions show the same appearance in-game.)
-The headgear I tried to use to replace was https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/lyn-alice-hair-to-luminous.178/ . I'm not sure if it not working because it was Lyn's or not(because I couldn't isolate the issue with headgear/attachment yet). I'm just desperate because I couldn't identify "Luminous" hair upk for JinF(But I already wear Luminous hair in-game, so if there's a way to cleanly remove headgear so that it shows the original hair I wear would be fine too).
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