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Texture someone who is good at mod please help me.


Hello everyone, I have learned the mod for 6 months and can mod any genre, intermediate, elementary I know all. but I need help to add that knowledge, "how to edit upk so that it can be as transparent as the illustration"


To learn advanced mod technique, you have to be good at some mod and texture modifications
don't make it messy, it's simply installation in HXD, borrow from a transparent item, if you want to guide someone, you've found a way, not a reason. to respect .


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I do not agree for him to use my image.

I will talk with the admins and see what we can do.
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@orionkg - After reviewing with the admins, the image has been removed from the attachments, due to the fact that it was a straight copy of the original image.

However, the O.P. is allowed to take a screenshot of their character using the outfit, and post it, in which case deletion of the screenshot can't be requested.
Hope you understand it.
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