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Addon Assassin [Request]how to add AbyssSlash to shadow simple mode


Assassin's simple mode now is
AbyssSlash1(RMB) > AbyssSlash2(RMB) > AbyssSlash3(RMB) > LunaEclipseRip(F)
skillid(disturb): 143040 > 143041 > 143041 > 143080
and there is 7545% damage every 15 hits
So to get F trigger 7545%, I need to add a AbyssSlash1 to the first ,
then a group 5 hit :AbyssSlash1(RMB) > AbyssSlash1(RMB) > AbyssSlash2(RMB) > AbyssSlash3(RMB) > LunaEclipseRip(F)
or 1231F
So , how to modify the skill3_contextscriptdata_assassin_contextsimplemode.xml file?

sorry for my poor English.

16 inches of Chi

Sand Warrior
of course,I've read it.But it noly tells me how to remove or change the key of the skill.
I try to add a layer of 143040 (<layer>...</layer>) to the simple mode xml,however it does not working.It will be always AbyssSlash1 which will not change anymore.

Then I can't help you since I don't play assassin so I don't really know what you want.
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