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Request: Adding skills to warrior simple mode


Hey guys! I'm wondering if it's possible for someone with better knowledge of how to create simple mode addons could either teach me or just make a addon that adds warrior V and 4 to simple mode rotation. both in and outside of Frenzy (even if V isn't available in frenzy mode)


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You can follow the steps on https://www.bnsbuddy.com/threads/remove-skills-from-simple-mode.551/

Once you get it working, consider sharing your addon.
This is copy-paste for some questions with the same content (asking to change/edit skills in Simple Mode).

To add skills, you have to pray and pray and pray and go insane.

Adding skills isn't as easy as editing/removing skills.

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Doesn't work, they'll cover all the other skills even when they're on cooldown. Already tested it with V and I've heard 4 is the same.
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