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Remove splash screens


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Sometimes, splash screen can be a bit annoying (even if you have a custom made one).
Their functioning is clunky at best and sometimes show up in front of what you're trying to do while waiting for the game to load.
Or you can't have the lewd stuff and want to forget that splash screens exist.

This is how I found out to remove splash screens:
  1. Go to https://github.com/mathiasbynens/small and download the bmp.bmp file
  2. Open it in Notepad++ or your favorite Hex Editor.
  3. Locate the "ÿ" at the end (it is a 0xFF character).
    Hint: if you're using Notepad++ with WineHQ, do this instead:

    I promise it was NOT taken on Windows XP!

  4. Change it to a null byte (0x00 or AA== in base64).
  5. Save it and use as your splash screen!
You can find the file attached in this post, but (in the possible future) it may not be the smallest file.
Or, just save a 1x1 bmp file from Paint.


Remember to set the splash screen after an update!


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