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Warlock Remove ability 4 (Dragon Helix) from simple mode


Someone please with enough knowledge could tell me if this is possible, I have tried but the only thing I get is to disable the skill.

If you can explain to me it would be perfect but even better if you can share the addon.

It seems to me that the guide to remove skills from simple mode is not up to date or does not work in this case.

Thanks in advance for the help.

16 inches of Chi

Sand Warrior
Find the ID for Dragon helix, go into the XML editor, highlight appropriate text, hit delete. Bonus points if you use CTRL + F to find the ID in the XML editor.

"As Fijikku Kasai stated, the skill id may be off by 1-2 values. Warlock's Helix is id 28090, but the skill id is actually 28091 or 28092, in the file. " These are old numbers, but the guide itself isn't wrong. I used it when I made both versions of my SF addon.
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