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Texture Not all the nuances of installing mods are known to us.

Dream Angel

Good afternoon, my dears.
Many people know me, I represent a small Russian team of Blade & Soul modders. Sometimes I share my mods with you. You all, well, most of you use BNSBuddy to install UPK mods, but in the case of my mods and not only BNSBuddy can touch or change the file structure and spoil the mods. If you downloaded my mod, do not use BNSBuddy, it can be a problem for you. More than once I come across a similar problem on your forum, the last time the installation via BNSBuddy was the fault of a non-working mod. Always try manual installation, it can help avoid some problems.
Manual installation example:
\ BnS \ contents \ Local \ ***** \ ****** \ CookedPC \ mod
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