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Screenshots Nier- Revealing outfit for 2b

Mochi Đậu Xanh

Pirate Savior
is it possible to get 2b's preset? pretty please
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2B-white version


  • Client 2019-12-16 22-42-38.png
    Client 2019-12-16 22-42-38.png
    4.3 MB · Views: 73
  • Client 2019-12-16 22-42-51.png
    Client 2019-12-16 22-42-51.png
    4.4 MB · Views: 63
  • Client 2019-12-16 22-43-13.png
    Client 2019-12-16 22-43-13.png
    4.3 MB · Views: 51
  • Client 2019-12-16 22-45-40.png
    Client 2019-12-16 22-45-40.png
    5.1 MB · Views: 52


Bamboo Warrior
damn, bns makes your favourite characters alive XD ( if you know how to mod though ) . the White looks awesome, and im sure you can do the black one easy too.Although i think the mode is not for sharing right?
Also than kyou for the preset <3
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