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Request Fulfilled Need help to find UPK

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I'm trying to find the upk file for prem windwalk effect, not the class specific one, the one that is activated after purchase premium membership. here is what it looks like:
does anyone happen to know about the upk file of this effect?
Thank you in advance!!!

update: Found it, it's 00010772.upk there is one problem tho, this file has alots effect, if I disable the ParticleSystem as a whole, the other effects also gone, anyone know how to edit it a way so it only disable the prem windwalking effect?

update2: I think i kinda figure out, instead disable the ParticleSystem as a whole I just replace all VIP related terms with 0s in hex, i think it's left other effects untouched but removed the prem windwalk effect, legitly, maybe, for now, anyway I considered this matter being fulfilled, ty all.
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