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Request Addon Low End PC Tweaks


Bamboo Warrior
Hello there,
is there a way to tweak the low end CPC config to have the same options as the Combat mode preset? the default low end PC config turns every option to 0 . i tried to change options in graphics as i want then use low end but it nulifies them.
what i'm interested in is having FULL sight of characters, terrain and objects in low end , my own SFX and folliage. the rest set to 0 . but the current low end put these to 0 .
Help please, i can not do smooth raids/dungeons otherwise( in full party members)
Something like the attaached file
thank you
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EDIT on thu nov 28th at 15:14 utc+1 : Ahem, the request is getting older .... nobody can help? :x


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