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Solved Locked Animation Setting

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I would like to request assistance on how to resolve my LOCKED animation setting problem.

The scenario is like this:
I was playing BnS with the help of BnS Buddy and everything is going well.
Later, I learned that disabling skill animation would make my game smoother so I tried disabling all skill animation in the " Extras" tab of BnS Buddy.
Due to that, I immediately noticed that all my skill animations no longer being executed as expected.
Later, I realized that it is too hard to distinguish what the other characters are doing so I tried enabling the skill animation of a few selected characters.
Then later I switched account several times and altered animation settings everytime.
Later, I realized that it would be better for me to enable all the skill animation to all characters and run the game as is.
Surprisingly, when I checked the "Extras" tab skill animation settings, I could no longer turn ON/OFF skill animation of several characters.
Then later, I could no longer change the animation settings.
All characters animation settings were left in "OFF" position but what I want now is to turn them ON but the buttons to change them were already LOCKED in "OFF" position.
Trying to resolve the problem, I uninstall/re-install BnS buddy but it still the same.
I tried playing the game without using BnS buddy however it surprise me that even using the original launcher the skill animation of all characters were missing.
I also tried re-installing the BnS launcher but the result is the same.

Is there a way to turn them " ON" again?
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