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List of impossible things that BnSBuddy was pointed as the cause

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True Hongmoon
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While helping around and reading the "stuff" that some people blurt, I've seen all sorts of impossible things being said.

Below, is an ever-growing list of impossible things that people said that BnSBuddy does/said that could be the cause:
  • Uninstall Google Chrome - I don't even know how this would be possible
  • Uninstall itself - BnSBuddy isn't installed: it is a portable executable
  • Lower your FPS - If you enable "No Texture Streaming" with 2GB of RAM, yes. But even then, it isn't BnSBuddy
  • Makes my game stop using my GPU - ... No, it's because you have Nvidia
  • Increase ping - Unless you are checking the ping with 1ms of delay (defaults to 500ms as of, this is impossible
  • Crash the game - Unless you have 0MB of free RAM, this won't happen because of BnSBuddy. Close BnSBuddy and you will see.
  • Break my F2 - NCSoft breaks it. It is online content:
  • Game freezes and shuts down after few minutes - If you use the bypasser, it may happen. BUT THAT'S NOT RELATED TO BNSBUDDY!
  • Addons cause performance issues - No they don't! That's very hard to do, and you would have to DELIBERATELY mess up the file for this to happen.
  • It is destroying the .dat files - No, you are! Let BnSBuddy finish it's job, okay?
  • Using it resets my clientconfiguration.xml file - No, BnSBuddy doesn't touch that file AT ALL!
    If the settings reset, it is due to something else.
    Currently, there is a bug where connecting an headset or tv with ' on the name breaks the file.

If you do have a real issue, depending on the issue, you can check out the Discord server (https://www.bnsbuddy.com/index.php?discord/) and follow the instructions to ask in #support.

Before you can say "BnSBuddy is doing this", check the source code or the actual source of the issue.
We can help you find the actual issue, and we have an open mind if you have an open mind.
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