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KR BNS users are leaving a lot...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soroll, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Soroll

    Soroll Cricket Member

    Hello, I'm a KR BNS user. And I have been using the Buddy app from a long time ago. :)

    I do not speak English very well, so I'll be using the translator.

    Recently, a lot of Korean users started to quit the game.

    I agree with this,
    but I am the only game that I have caught for a long time, so I left this post to hear each other's thoughts about this part.

    Blade & Soul now stands on cache content. It is easy to say that it is the center to pay cash and buy items.

    We now update our new 12-People raid, Twilight Crusade, on the KR Server, on the 9/20 day.

    However, since the 9/20 update, as of 12/03, three of the four bosses have not been able to reach the target, and this issue has caused people to leave.

    Reason was incomplete. The fastest team from 9/20 to 12/3 invested 9 hours a day and 63 hours a week for the first time to the third boss. And then he left the whole 4th boss.

    The reason for incompleteness was the absence of QA. The raid of the Twilight Temple itself has been unfinished and has completed the raid, allowing the user to fill the gap.

    The absence of QA was really huge. As the completeness of the raid is very poor, the pattern of each boss has been defeated and ignored.

    Users still have a love for this game. Even unfinished raids have made QA self-reliance and improved the quality of the raid. But returning was disappointment and betrayal.

    The team who wanted to modify the bug report for that raid sent feedback in many ways, but at the QA center

    "Video inquiries have not been received, and we can not disclose emails to receive videos as confidential."

    After that, I asked the QA center about the video and the answer

    "The length of the video is too long, only capture the part where the bug is visible."

    Only the last boss, the fourth boss, is going to fix it and still can not clear it.

    For this reason, the current BNS users are getting more and more tired of the ridiculous operation method, and I have written down the actual situation of these KR bns in order to listen to various opinions.

    What do you think about this?
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  2. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    I agree that the game is very Pay To Win (cash centered). However, if the players want something to change on the game, the only way is to stop paying. Hit them where it hurts the most, their wallets. Refuse to pay for upgrades, refuse to pay for anything, its the only way. EA is learning this lesson (or not learning it based on what I've seen recently) the hard way by losing 3.1 Billion US over the Battlefront II debacle. The community manager for NA is completely useless, there is nothing we can really do from our end, it is up to the KR player base to take a stand and let NCSOFT know that they are unhappy with the current game and want changes.

    게임이 매우 유료 (현금 중심)라는 것에 동의합니다. 그러나, 선수가 게임에 변화하는 것을 원하면, 유일한 방법은 지불을 멈추는 것입니다. 가장 상처받은 곳, 지갑을 치십시오. 업그레이드 비용을 거부하고, 무엇이든 지불하지 않습니다. 유일한 방법입니다. EA는 배틀 프론트 II 사태보다 31 억 미국을 잃음으로써이 교훈을 배우고 있습니다 (또는 내가 최근에 본 것에 기초하여 그것을 배우지 못했습니다). NA의 커뮤니티 관리자는 완전히 쓸모가 없습니다. 우리가 실제로 끝낼 수있는 방법은 없습니다. KR 플레이어는 스탠드를 가지고 NCSOFT가 현재 게임에 만족하지 않고 변경을 원한다는 것을 알립니다. - Google Translate
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  3. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    its not just in KR, i believe if ncwest keep following ncsoft guidlines i can guarantee a certain death to the game, alot of bugs still unfixed (in kr those bugs does not exist or fixed long ago), almost every class need to rescaled(specially gunners:bnsrage:) fix that 6v6 cancer land or as community call it (whales land) were u get 1 shotted and enemy player spam repair hammer animation on ur corpses:bnsdead: , 1v1 / 3v3 is dead so damn hard, they tried to revive it with honor medal event and they failed , i believe they need to make it gear depending like (1v1 balanced status / 1v1 gear status ) same with 3v3 to fix pvp problem....
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  4. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    I've actually talked to the devs in discord before I was kicked out and one of them was JJ, Julianne. I can surly tell you she didn't care at all about the game. Been a while but when I had that talk about.....the hell was it something on field bosses and something else, maybe missing hats on costumes since they love not looking through their data on what goes with what. Can't believe I forgot but anyway to put it simple it's just a huge w/e to them. Bethany on the other hand never said a word when she joined that discord, months and months and months and I bet she still hasn't (the hell was the point of her joining again?)

    Freaking china stealing players accounts for gold who keep falling for the scam and they claiming they can't DO anything about it knowing they can but don't want to. Cross server still bugged on character intros. Game crashes no matter what the hell you do. And the only thing they can think of doing is LETS PLAY TROVE.

    Oh, look my girlfriend got her account stolen after I told her about not falling for things like that.......

    No active....WE DON'T EVEN HAVE GMs what am I saying?!
    Why the hell are they not creating their own PVP tournament and are letting boring, YES BORING, fans make it?

    This is why I just do whatever the hell I want in game now. Why should I care right?

    As I told them in discord, this games dead, it's been dead since last year actually when the whole summoner hacks in arena were running wild and it took them months to actually do something about it. (and then Lee kicked me because he hates when people say his games dead lmao)

    It's not just their fault but the community as well. High level players killing low levels in LOW level raids or event dungeons all the time. Not being able to kick players unless they crashed he/she game like REALLY? Where's the logic in all this?
  5. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    you didnt speak to Devs, you spoke to NCWEST copy pasters. Bethany is a shit show.

  6. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    (Bethany is a shit show.) I wanna hear more of this.
  7. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    hear more of what? she doesnt care about the community at all, she doesnt care about the game, and she is responsible for choosing which outfits we get from KR/censorship of the outfits. So all those super shit outfits that no one wanted? Bethany. Super awesome KR outfit we never got? Bethany. Her taste is terrible. Let the players decide.
  8. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Ahh now I see. So that's what she does. Never really paid any attention to her since she's always NO WHERE to be found.
  9. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    Well... she does... in these specific orders :
    this lyn is so cute, oh his/her cat is so adorable! , let this post be on our twitter page and on our bladeandsoul.com(offical site), community love boobs? give them boobs ! more photos of females with b*tchs outfits or massive gon boobs people to share on twitter, why? coz community love that..... NO many of us not fans of balloons and loli police(developer Greg trademark here) i'm so pissed of thier taste and unfairness to choose what photos to share and what to not... artists or screenshot of non boobs or lyns are rejected (all thanks to our community manager to DECIDE that)

    lets talk about trove because its Community cure right ? WRONG... its cure for whales and lets remember (We will make this game complete free to play and avoid any payment advantages in-game) so what she care about actually is ncwest wallets not the community openions to MAYBE fix the bugs we have from the release such as fps drop , spikes and disconnects , and Ofcurse the popular old crash on 6v6 "Runtime Error" , if you want to help community at least explain why you're not fixing these VERY old bugs(forgot to mention warlok in combat bug) and get players what they want such as more resources to farm void fragments and moonstones rather than just swipe and go whale in 6v6 and even ure max gear and whaled out u still get crashed from 6v6... fkin great.... fix the top ladder and make it 1 character can be ladder on top 300 bound to account maybe ? smurfs will do more accounts i know but u reduce the amount of leaderboard abusers who play 10 characters for seasonal rewards... same goes to ToI and F20 i know some people get over 20k hongmoon coins every season because of that and they said (we're free to play) thats not how it work as a free to play.... its more like leaderboard abuse and seriously its sucks... i've missed many stuff to mention about how this game is really dying downhills so fast (koreans leaving the game already) would say the game is literally dying...

    would love to speak more about it but my manager come and im typing this from my job, brb :bnsscared:
  10. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    Hm...maybe that's the reason why my favorite photographer on kr quit. Man I miss him.......

    Now that I think about it, each time I check out kr pvp it's always the same 5 or 10 people, maybe i'm on at wrong times who knows.

    Side note: You at work? HAHA I'm going to bed now CYA have fun workin!
  11. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    my manager stalks in and out and he didn't even noticed i'm at my office xD , that's True at its finest, pvp players in kf are known like 5 up to 20 player base of very high/maxed gear players with very good internet status, in eu/na i bet we have more pvp players but we speak about ping and quality.... like for example if we have like 1000+ pvp player who addict playing 6v6, would say 20% of them have a high/maxed gear with a very decent gameplay to be so good to play pvp(dont include whales with no skills pls coz they're alot), sometimes its depends on his class and how people deal with the class and his advantage of countering thier gameplay( i've seen sin killing 5 players in wwv alone with blue buff "Ofcourse a whale as intended") but out of these 20% take a 10% of it as the finest pvp players(top ladder players and dont count who plays gunner since its new class and its not nerfed/balanced yet & don't count who plays on multiple characters to get benefits of top ladder rewards,) So the result of that is still a bit higher than kr top geared pvp players, im not saying kr dont have alot of players, they have big numbers indeed and thier ping is devastating comparing to general players in eu/na , yet eu/na streams is still also devastating over russian/taiwan/japan/korea/thailand streams and playersbase as far as i've seen, youtubers is also eu/na players are over the rest of regions...

    Briefly if the total of kr best pvp players/streamers is near 5~10 , eu alone is near 20 , na is around 15(i myself didn't notice na pvp streamers or maybe i'm watching in wrong times)

    another Brief for my previous post: what the community want is:
    1# a serious free to play project not a whales milking swipers(fk grammers srsly).
    2# a game without bugs(which impossible) but at least explain your errors and not ignoring it and ninja fix it but actually making it worse
    3# more f2p events and less swipe2play events.
    4# give the players what they want and make some votes for outfits/event and such a like and not putting your community manager taste over the community(which grant her less respect and worst reputation) .
    5# balance the photos posts on your official website and twitter and make it less lolis and less boobies and put some serious artisters photos or some fans made draws or good screenshots for males, YES MALES & STOP THE LESBIANS SHIT PLEASE
    6# balance the characters status for fk sake... i used to get over 4.8 crit def and yet i get killed in 2 hits(there is a cap for crit def and i goes over it to guarantee survive but it seems fake status at the end).
    7# pick some addict good players and form them into Game masters with or without sallery, i'm one of those people who would love to serve the game i love for free and i ain't ask for payment( ofcurse you ain't do because you are game masters for your own stuff and putting game masters will makes u feel they will steal/boost people in raids/dungeons etc etc...) there is a levels to GM and permissions to make them just as a normal players but more like trusted live support to new/old players... in every successful or failure game there is A DAMN GAME MASTERS players can see and some game-masters to watch over players(observing) their gameplay, chat language, illegal gameplay etc... do you think all players know how to send ticket to support? that's one of the porpuse of having a game master in game with lowest permission possible if you really afraid of any unfair advantages or cheats gamemasters can make.....
    8# stop the copy paste replies on your tickets and please make it with more sense ( not more sense of editing 1 line of the post and the rest is copy paste...) more like make your support team have equal fairness to players... i've seen a player got another soul by support when he request to reverse his soul, a player moved his items from his fm to his sf(when raven released btw) , and there is more examples of how wierd their support team works, i myself did a topic reverse my ncoin to me after i changed servers before the last merge, the 1st reply i got is ( we're sorry we cant grant you the request you want, you already moved to the server you want as you requested) even tho it was 1 week before the announce the merge, i literally copy paste my support ticket( can show proves if someone request it) and made another ticket, they replied me with (we successfully reverse your payment), some fairness and that's all we want.
    9# make some 1v1 3v3 gear depending not balanced status(example : 1v1 class status , 1v1 gear status) would be fair and nice for everyone if you make it for 1v1 3v3 6v6 , not a personal request buy i've seen many people complains about 1v1 ping depending or class is broken ... make them whale a bit right ncwest ? xD
    10# make the community clean and less toxicity, there is no need to explain this, who played for long will understand what i mean..
    11# advertise the game without saying its free to play!!!! , you're killing the playersbase like that.. players are joining yes... but when they leave they harm the rest of who still playing the game, lets say 10,000+ players joined from your advertisements were you're saying its FREE to play, 5000 of them quitted the game and 5000 still playing, those 5000 who left will damange the playerbase numbers as most of them will hear and use these words" dead game or bad developer team" here you expect a huge number of people quitting the game depending on how much people left before them for some acutal reasons "whales > f2p , pay2play event > f2p , new dungeons = whales > f2p"

    maybe some of what i've said is my opinions for some but i believe its the most annoying known topics you may have seen if you played for really long...

    Sorry for long post and thank you for reading.
  12. GunerX

    GunerX Administrator Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    the problem with having normal players become Game Masters (GMs) is we would have cancer toxic AF ppl taking those postions, case in point, /r/bladeandsoul. these mods are among the most toxic i have ever encountered. they abuse their mod powers constantly and no one can do anything about it.

    bad idea IMO
  13. War

    War Sand Warrior Member

    do you mean reddit ? reddit is cancer ocean and i would never ever suggest counting GM's from there to ingame GM's , about toxicity there is always a way to report the ingame GM with screenshot or video, Reddit for me is like uncleanable urn of trash kids and would never take openinions from anyone from there, they love rumors and drama not focusing on helping the community and full of troll people, old people there have kids mindsets , and some kids are toxic way than we can expect to see from old age people...:bnspuke:
  14. sasiko

    sasiko Cricket Member

    at least the dev are actively fixing tacheon raid but they acted only because few raid groups quit the game because it take dev too long for them to fix it

    now devs are in invisible mode and monitor groups doing tacheon raid and when boss is dead they ask groups for bug reports/feedback
  15. Dad

    Dad Sand Warrior Modder Member

    If I were a gm I wouldn't do anything at all besides go to all the closed down maps this game has and explore!!!! Screenshot city for my tumbl.......oh you mean forum mod?....

    Never mind....

    But yeah, reddit man...I never hang around places like that and I already knew it would have been toxic city.

    Yes, they really love rumors and drama like War said, official forums has it all. I can't really explain things cause i'm never good at it but man....anything they hear they will go and stick on even after this or that has already been proven.

    I.E Gunner damage being too much/broken, huge fight over this till I showed them that twitter post Nohda (w/e his name is) on how fast he became the top tanker in just 5 seconds when gunner was still new in kr. I can go on all day about this but i'm a little sidetracked at the moment and can't think.