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KR bns players

Amber A Williams

hello ive been learning some Korean and i wanted to help out others if your interested in typing Korean i suggest using this image https://randomwire.com/wp-content/uploads/korean-keyboard.jpeg and google translate it hard but you will get the hang of it. I try to type a sentence at least 100 times a day so i can get faster and better you can also use this video to understand i dont know Korean but i am learning if anyone wants to help me or need help just comment below

This is the most common sentence I suggest you learn 나는한국어를할수없다 ( It says i cant speak Korean)

If you need help with the Korean launcher go ahead and comment below i honestly think ive been though every problem when i comes to that launcher lol also in-game

the biggest problem people keeping asking me on Discord is the in-game Emotes cause you need to do them in the story quests just press Ctrl-Alt anything else just ask ^^
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