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Addon Is it still possible to use SIMPLE MODE in F12(Training Room)?


I read an old guide from here, tried it and didn't work (english is not my main lang so i might have made a mistake) but anyway, im wondering if it's still working and if it is could make me a quick summary on how to do it, thanks. :)


Bamboo Warrior
i don't think it is possible from what ive read on this forum
and it also seems that the deleted requirement to use simple mode patch,doesn"t work neither


SERPENT SIN's skill rotation for normal mode works like simple mode. In this case, you can use simple mode('s skill rotation) in F12.
But it's impossible to make Lighting SIN's normal move skill rotation. So you can't use IT in F12.
If you want use skill rotation in F12, you need to find(or make) skill rotation for NORMAL MODE.
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