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Inventory numbers color/size?


Hello guys !

Is there any way to make those inventory/shop numbers bigger and more visible?

Not sure if it's because I've got such a big screen but I always have trouble reading them, especially when it's white on white.

I tried the korean font but the problem is it doesn't have european accents which I actually need, so I get ?'s all over my screen, and numbers are still white on white or dark red on black for most items.

I've recently increased my UI size and despite that it's still much smaller than everything else around. I can perfectly read everything else on my screen but those are like 1mm big on my screen and I keep having to screenshot to actually see.

Does anyone know if there's any way to either dim the icons, resize the numbers or color them ?

Would be much appreciated, thanks !

EDIT : Realized the JP font actually solves that problem, although i'm not fond of the way it looks I guess i'll use that for now. I'm about to test and see if increasing the number in "font-name-9" from the xml changes anything. I'll keep y'all posted either way (no way to delete my own thread?)
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