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Hi everybody!

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Hi everybody!

I know this isn't the place to post this, but well.
Given the situation, I think it may pass.

You've certainly seen this:
On all messages I've posted.

Basically, my account was terminated by Discord with the following message:
Discord is focused on maintaining a safe and secure environment for our community, and your account has been flagged by the Discord community for violations of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Our team has reviewed the claim and taken action by disabling your account.

Your account shared or threatened to share the personal and private information of another user.

Discord Trust & Safety Team​

The truth is, I made a HUGE mistake (just me, nobody else, it was all my fault).
I posted too much info about a Paypal account used for scamming.
I've edited out the info, but it wasn't enough for Discord and they terminated my account.

This is a copy of the edited message:

Yes, light theme and all.
The address was a lot more complete.

What will happen to me?
Well, I hope I keep the moderator status here in the forum.
I will do my best to be a lot more active here.

And on Discord? Well, hopefully I can be active again.
Still have a tiny bit of hope that they may reactivate the account.
Just a tiny bit. Tiny tiny tiny bit.

Why I haven't said anything sooner?
I used to login with Discord, and forgot I had set a password almost 6 months ago. :bnssweat:
I also was waiting for them to answer, but, they are giving me the silent treatment after denying to reactivate the account once.

To be honest, this situation really sucks but now I just have to pick what's left and carry on.
But well, I though you all should know.
So, don't worry, everything is fine with me and I'm alive and well.

This is the cue for those who hate me to celebrate together. You got rid of me. For now?

If you need to comunicate with me, I'm open to private messages here.
Any other functions (reporting scammers, people for the blacklist and others on Discord) will have to be handled by the other moderators and by the admins.
Any other questions, feel free to ask.
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