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Request Texture GonF Summer Beach Fix


Bamboo Warrior
So when I went tried changing an outfit to the sumer beach outfit with the one click tool, my game would always crash as soon as I finished typing in my pin, but I noticed something odd.
Every other outfit that works and doesn't crash seems to have the color code "col1". However, with the summer beach outfit, this is not the case as the color code shows up as just "Col".


Now I've heard somewhere before(I can't remember which forum) that this is actually a bug with the one click tool or the outfit itself. Correct me if I'm wrong but is this wrong color code bug causing it to crash my game? If so, how do i go about fixing it? Am I supposed to use hex editor to edit the color code for summer beach?

Edit: This was also present before I had the warden update database for the one click tool, so it definitely doesn't have anything to one click tool database.
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