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Addon Destroyer Galvanize in simple mode


Hello there, I'd like to ask if there's a way to make an addon that allows you to use Galvanize in simple mode rotation, unfortunately, my lag is too high to use the skill properly, I have to spam the skill like 6 times before it triggers, so I'd like to put it in RMB simple mode rotation, without changing anything else to the original rotation, thank you for taking your time and reading this :bnsplease::bnsplease:



I know you ask something that not change from the original, but this Master Hawk's add-on is the best for destroyer

he basicaly put the rotation: Twin Galvanize + Iron Knee + Vanquish on LMB and Twin Steel Strike + Reaver on RMB

*note: galvanize only appears on lmb if you are on instance, so if you want to use it wthout instance, you muse use on 1

I have like 260-300ms and it works good for me

If you interest on add just download "DES DPS all Specs" and "Wrecker to G and Twin Galvanize to LMB"

if you use dungeon weapon ur dps will be pretty good

and this add-ons are all for normal mode
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