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[EU - CERULEAN - JINSOYUN] Ephemeral is recruiting!


Bamboo Warrior

Hi fellow Ceruleans!

We are a rank 6 clan looking for new members of any class, level and ap! We want to provide a chill enviroment you can enjoy the game with. We also want to help new players understand the game better. If you feel like our clan might be the one for you, don't hesitate to apply! ♥ Send me a message on this forum, or add me on Discord and tell me you wish to apply, and I'll invite you! ♥


Sand Warrior
would be easier for you recruiting for players on crimson side, ceruleans nowdays are like 25% while crimson is 75% (close numbers for not accurate) , yet wish u best of luck getting players ! :bnswink:
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