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Addon Dynamic Kick and Lightning Crash to RMB simple mode addon for Serpent Sin

Discussion in 'BnSBuddy - Addons (XML)' started by Striking Shadow, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Striking Shadow

    Striking Shadow Cricket Member

    Title of thread basically says what this addon does. The new awakening patch made me mess up shit so many times because buttons weren't the same for these 2 skills(especially Lightning Crash not being a part of simple mode by default anymore), so I went and took 15 minutes to fix this.

    Take note it works for Serpent because that uses simple mode without any issues. I didn't take the time to bother and test it for the new Lightning Sin(now called Shadow) and all sins should know that lightning shouldn't use simple mode anyways. If you're a lightning sin you can test it if you want, but do know that I didn't test it for that nor should it be used for that.

    EDIT: after further testing the game was using Lightning Crash even with Deathblow effect on(in stealth) which shouldn't be the case. Therefore I removed the Lightning Crash portion of it. The Dynamic Kick portion is still good.

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    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  2. Nadividat

    Nadividat Cricket Member

    Do you still have the "old" addon file?
    I cant figure out where to add something for it to use it while deathblow effect or even sb
    Want to add "Twin Fang" to Deathblow effect because its canceled so fast, that it shouldnt be a loss
  3. Striking Shadow

    Striking Shadow Cricket Member

    You don't want Twin Fangs while deathblow is on because of GCD and because the vt mystic badge procs on Heartstab and not Twin Fangs.
  4. Hora

    Hora Cricket Member

    Thanks this is really useful I missed being able to dash in boss fights (cause F skill always overrides it)
  5. Holyrot001

    Holyrot001 Cricket Member

    Do you know how to find the other skill IDs too ? particularly from lightning assassin side?
    cause i would want a skill (F) to be available for manual press during simple mode, cause i only removed that skill from simple mode, so it does not appear anymore as F key
  6. Striking Shadow

    Striking Shadow Cricket Member

    id's are same no matter what spec you use or if it's normal mode or simple mode, just use the guide floating around to find them