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News Dawn of the Lost Continent: Systems Changes

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Sliver Luna

The December 6 update is bringing new systems features and changes.

Blade and Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent arrives December 6, and brings a lot of changes to systems as well as introduce new game improvements that will enhance your overall experience in Blade & Soul.

Wardrobe Becomes the Showroom

The Wardrobe is being expanded to support weapon and pet appearances (alongside costumes), and because of the additional item types we’ve renamed it to the Showroom. An active Premium Membership is still required to deposit items in the Showroom, but an active membership is not required to withdraw items.


While not a part of this update, we’re looking into allowing full Showroom access for all players (with or without Premium Membership) in the near future. We’ll have more info in the coming months.

Humble Brag

A new “boast” chat box will display when you or nearby characters achieve certain milestones, like equipment evolutions, receiving special prizes when opening event boxes or Treasure Troves, or when a specific achievement is earned. Anyone can then click on the character or item links in the window to view more details. The window will disappear if there haven’t been any updates for a while, but you can click on the “See more” button to view a history.

Time-Based Rewards

A new system will reward you just for being logged in and playing. As you pass specific intervals of login time you’ll be able to collect rewards from a new Login Reward interface accessed from the menu bar, and the earned items will be sent to your account inventory. Premium Members will be able to earn additional rewards.

Time toward unlocking rewards is accumulated everywhere except while in the Arena Lobby. The system resets each day at 06:00 server time.

Batch Processing

With the update it’ll be possible to process multiple stacks of items at once. Currently if you want to process Naryu Coins into Naryu Silver, it’s necessary to right-click for each 20 Naryu Coins you have to process. With this change you’ll be able to process an entire stack (and see a single progress bar) with a single right-click.

Mouse Toggle

Save your Alt key some wear and tear by just pressing Caps Lock. With the update you’ll be able to toggle your mouse cursor (outside of combat) with a single key press. You’ll need to have your control scheme in “Blade & Soul Mode” of course to benefit from the new toggle.

New Soul Badges

A new Tower of Infinity Season will start with release of Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent on December 6, named the Season of Glory. Each class will receive two new Heroic Soul Badges: Glory and Sagewood. These new Soul Badges can be combined with existing Soul Badges to create new Legendary Soul Badges, named Limitless, Invincible, Ancestral, and Undying.

Personal Damage Meter

You’ll now be able to see your personal damage meter in Normal Mode Heroic Dungeons. The existing damage meter in Mushin’s Tower, raids, etc. will continue to show up normally as it has been.

Don’t forget to register for the Blade & Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent update by 11:59 am PST, December 1, and receive your FREE Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack!

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