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Event News Dawn of the Lost Continent: In-game Events

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Sliver Luna

Participate in the events that are coming in Dawn of the Lost Continent on December 6.

The holiday season is upon us, and we’re celebrating with winter festivities!

Frozen Vipercap Cavern

Duration: December 6 – January 17


Once a day, players level 16 and above will be able to access the Frozen Vipercap Cavern dungeon through the portal in Jadestone Village or the Cross-Server Dungeon Lobby; once inside it’s a race against time to reach the Giant Golden Vipercap within. When the Giant Golden Vipercap is defeated, players will collect Frozen Mushrooms based on how quickly they managed to complete the dungeon, which they can then trade for rewards of their choice in the Dragon Express.

Gather Frozen Mushrooms

There are multiple ways to earn the Frozen Mushrooms required to trade for rewards:

  • Complete the Daily Quest: “Strike Gold” – Earn 3 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Complete the Daily Dungeon: “Frozen Vipercap Cavern” – The faster you are, the more Frozen Mushrooms you’ll receive!
  • Complete the Daily Challenge – Earn 3 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Visit the Hongmoon Store – Earn 1 Frozen Mushroom free per day
  • Complete Act 8, Chapter 20 – Earn 60 Frozen Mushrooms
  • Complete Dynamic Raid Quests
    • Dawn of Khanda Vihar: “The Memory of Meganura” – Earn 1 Hot Mushroom Stew (5 Frozen Mushrooms)
    • Fallen Aransu School: “Aransu Has Fallen” – Earn 2 Hot Mushroom Stews (10 Frozen Mushrooms)
    • Snowjade Fortress: “The Eternal Champion” – Earn 2 Hot Mushroom Stews (10 Frozen Mushrooms)
      • Hot Mushroom Stew can be opened for additional rewards. More details found in the rewards section below.

Check out the Dragon Express to trade in your Frozen Mushrooms for these rewards!


Hot Mushroom Stew

A few of the notable rewards that have a chance to appear from the Hot Mushroom Stew are Pet Pods, Premium Transformation Stones, Raven King’s Soul, and Special Hongmoon XP Charms.



North Star Earmuffs Hat of Tidings Reindeer Headband & Red Nose Glowing Reindeer Headband & Glowing Red Nose


The Lost Jackpot

Duration: December 6 – January 17

Head over to the Hongmoon Store and pick up a Lost Jackpot for free! The Lost Jackpot can be opened once every 10 hours to receive both guaranteed and random rewards, as well as the next stage of the Lost Jackpot to open 10 hours later. Get to Lost Jackpot – Stage 10 and you’ll receive the cozy Overboard costume.

Some of the potential rewards from the various stages include:




Don’t forget to log in every day to challenge the Frozen Vipercap Cavern and get your Lost Jackpot to Stage 10 before the events end on January 17!

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