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Dawn of Khanda Vihar | By Litewarior

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Dawn of Khanda Vihar is a weekly 12-man raid located on Khanda Vihar. It has one boss and no loot to bid on, but a weekly quest and a dynamic quest.


You are first introduced to the first miniboss, the Dawn Ivory Spector. It has 9,400,00 HP, 4x CC bars, no enrage time, and has a similar attack pattern to the Hoglins from Soulstone Plains albeit with a very fast attack speed. Kill it to spawn a dragon pulse that sends you to the center with the sleeping Meganura.


A miniboss will spawn at each location.

  • Northwest: Vice (Naga King), 3,610,000 HP

  • Southeast: Malice (Infernal Lord), 3,730,000 HP

  • Northeast: Spite (Dokumo), 3,210,000 HP

  • Southwest: Cruelty (Elite Grimhorn Warrior), 3,540,000 HP

All of these minibosses will be surrounded by Ebondrake mobs, when the miniboss is engaged, all the surrounding Ebondrake mobs will target whoever aggroed the miniboss.

Once all four are dead, a red portal will spawn at each of the minibosses leading back to the center.



HP: 87,000,000

Enrage: 13:10

CC: 6x

This boss has 6x CC bars, but he can only be CC’d during specific attacks and they must be coordinated. It’s easiest to just not CC him and focus on dpsing.


  1. 2x Frontal 180 degree Head Swipes, blockable

  2. One of the following:

    • Frontal Linear Head Upper Swing, blockable causes aerial

    • Frontal Linear Tongue Strike, unblockable, causes root

    • Area of effect Jump, blockable, CC’able, causes knockdown
  3. One of the following:

    • Rear Linear Tail Slam, blockable

    • 3x Rear 180 degree Tail Swipes, blockable, CC’able, last hit causes knockdown

If the tank stands 9 meters or farther away, Meganura jumps at them, creating a blockable area of effect impact.

Poison Clearing:

When Meganura is engaged, he will start stacking poison on everyone in the area, up to 10 stacks. In order to remove this poison, you must hit one of the Venom Mites that will spawn on the edges of the arena.


Hitting a mite will give you a 30 second buff that makes you immune to poison, as well as give you 200% Attack Power. However, only the first person to hit the mite will be given the buff, and it will disappear a few seconds after being hit.

Be very careful, if you hit a mite without any poison stacks, whether it’s at the start or you have a buff already, you will instantly die.

The tank should keep the boss in the center to prevent people from accidentally hitting mite. For the tank to remove poison, they should wait until Meganura begins a long attack, SS out, hit an mite and dash back in quickly before Meganura can move.

Add Summoning:

At 90%, 60% and 30% HP, Meganura will roar, become untargetable and invulnerable, and jump to the middle. He will summon 3 Corrupted Shaman adds at 2:00, 6:00, and 10:00 positions of the arena. They will not attack, but begin channeling power to Meganura.


2x Stun, Daze, or Knockdown will kill the adds instantly. This must be done quickly, as if all 3 adds are not killed, Meganura will wipe the raid.

Once all the adds are CC’d, Meganura will fall to the ground and be stunned for a few seconds, he can be grabbed during this (make sure to keep him in the center of the arena).
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