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Texture Can old UPK file be converted to Pak for UE4??

Kungfu WarriorZ

So..sadly I can't install this simple file for the invisible gauntlet that uses the SILVER DEVA gauntlet. Is there any kind soul willing to mod this old file into a workable invisible gauntlet? I just can't find myself enjoying my beautiful character with this BULKY item on their arm. I've become accustomed to my KFM being bare-fisted. it's driving me crazy LOL; in the UE3 version, just slip this fella with the rest of the other ones and boom, but now it's back to the BULKY looking mess on my arms that ruins the costume look, Le'sigh, anyone has a solution.


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In UE4, almost all textures are more than 2x larger than in UE3.
And since "M Map" also has changes, you need to extract the texture from the UPK file and recreate it for UE4.
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