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How to Can anyone help me? I can't connect to TH/VN garena server, other servers works. I'm a newbie in this tool!


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So is there any way to use this tool on Garena server m8?


BnSBuddy will detect when the game is started by the normal launcher and will do what it needs.

The following will work:
  • Mods
  • Splash screen changer
  • Enabling/disabling FTH
  • Clearing compatibility flags
  • CPU affinity
  • Process priority
  • Memory cleaner
  • d912pxy
  • Enable/disable animations
  • Battleground crash fix
  • Multiclient - clashes with bnspatch
  • AMD GPU fix - disables the very low power profile
  • Fix loading screens
Addons and the Dat editor are being worked on.

The following will (very likely) never work:
  • Logging in into Garena
    This affects:
    • Unattended
    • Use all cores
    • Client bitness
  • Ping check
  • Online version check
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