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Request Addon Cache folder?! and gpu forced cacheing/Vram force!?


So i have checked everywhere on my system!
There is literally no cache folder!

i started looking after i noticed, that the game is constantly re-drawing textures,effects,shaders without storing them in either a Cache folder or Loading it to Vram, aswell as barely using my cpu and gpu and Vram was not even under any load by the game!
and it was even worse when the stutter start happened all of a sudden again in x64
and during that i noticed gpu useage was non-exsistant in bns aswell as cpu useage, although im not familiar with such an issue in my lifetime of PC Gaming (20 years).

so here im starting this topic to both discuss/gather/request both information and a solution to this problem.

and since it literally is NO cache folder at all from what i can see or find,
how about someone with experience and competance look into Where the game is trying to store cache(seems like its constantly tryign to store and refresh assets) then make a script that forces the game to store cache in a Selected folder in Appdata(where it is supposed to be located) then aswell implement a script to recheck already rendered/stored information to make sure/prevent the system doesent constantly and continiously Re-Render the same assets OVER and OVER!

Fps will definitly increase, as you dont have to Reload every asset all the time,, might even fix the lag in item menu's

i am well aware of the limitations of UE3/DX9, but MMO+UE3+No Cache = Lag/stutter/issues

say to me what you want, but i cannot be the only one wondering where the hell the Cache Folder is!!!


Staff member
You can use d912pxy.

Go to Extras > d912pxy > Manage:

VRAM and GPU usage will vary according to your settings.

Regarding the CPU, the game uses 2 cores.
You can set the CPU affinity in Settings > Page 2 > Process Affinity:

Here, you can set which core(s) to use, or use a preset.
Preferably, put it on your real cores.
Don't touch it if you have less than 4 cores.
Or, just use a preset:


Also, enable "Use all Cores" on the launcher tab.
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