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Buddy improves the score if you have a high ping?


How to ask, does Buddy improve the score if you have a high ping? watch a video that a guy correjia some details in the Xigncode in the client.config2.xml part so that this will improve and not travara the anicancel because the people who play with 200 of ping have that problem.
ski. modifying

<option name="initialize-skill-variation-constant" value="2" />
change the variant to 3

<option name="initialize-skill-variation-constant" value="3" />

and also said to modify <option name="skip-direction-check-in-rulemove" value="no" />

change to yes so you do not have double checking of packages <option name="skip-direction-check-in-rulemove" value="yes" />

with this supposedly it would improve in anicancel and the stability of the cooneccion. this is true ?
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I'm sorry the video is in Spanish but I leave it here in case you have any doubts. The instructions enpiezan in the minito 3:30 greetings



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