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Texture Basis - Leaf fall - Jacket of the Walk - Tear of the Sky Wolf

Dream Angel

And so hello everyone. Finally, our super-high-end moder @Howli was added by the online importer - exporter UPK - PSK.

Today I sat for a long time in a blender redoing models, made a nud mod with nipples, and corrected the texture.

Today, only for Gon F and Gin F I’ll do it for Kun the other day, it’s just too late already, and the hair dryer is small, and for shooting a promo video you need to be in the canry, this is my bzik I want.

Stay tuned.

And here is the mod itself:




  • Основа - Листопад - Куртка Гуляка - Слеза Небесного Волка.7z
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