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All Christmas Costumes 2012 to Now


So, cause our NC wants to be complete fucktards and give streamers who dosen't even play nor support our game not only free costumes but sponsorship too?!
(Like really? fucking idiots logic)

I've decided to pack up and release every last christmas costume for yalls enjoyment. I'm talkin bout not only costumes but weapons, accessories, hell I even gave the summoners cat their christmas costumes and I can't stand them enough in PVP or E!

To use them you need the typical Hongmen uniform.
As for the accessories, hopefully, people ran the Vipercap event for all them hats. If you don't know all the random hats you've gained are parts from past christmas costumes. Even the santa hat you get from registering for the free level 50 character. (2012 costume)
The 2015 Hat will replace Hat of Tidings
For the 2017 costume.........whatever that white thing is (somenoe tell me so I can edit this later cause IDK..)
You need your hongmen earring to see it.

To use the weapons
( FOR PVP ONLY i'm not gonna waste my time renaming every weapon to this and that for you to....are you freakin kidding me?! )

Go to the weapon NPC in bamboo and buy them 5 Cent weapons. They will be reskinned christmas style.
Only 2015-17 have weapons with its costumes.

Other note
I couldn't find the sums Snowman costume for the cat.
2013 and 15 have 2 color versions to choose.
If I recall the cute hairstyle for 2017 i've only fixed for the female lyn. Something about that hair would not work no matter how much i've tried. Again, you need Hat of Tidings









2012 Christmas
2013 Christmas
2013 Christmas Black
2014 Christmas
2015 Christmas Green
2015 Christmas Red
2016 Christmas
2017 Christmas
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