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Solved Addon works only on one char?

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A while ago i made an addon for my sin friend. It is changing the skill on "1" with the skill on "2". It works good on his main sin.
When he tries it on a other sin its not working for whatever reason. Im gonna post the code and hope some1 can help me to fix that!
FileName = xml[bit].dat.files\\skill3_contextscriptdata_assassin.xml

Search = skillbar-2="141090"
Replace = skillbar-2="141070"

Search = skillbar-1="141070"
Replace = skillbar-1="141090"

Search = skillbar-2="141100"
Replace = skillbar-1="141100"

Search = skillbar-1="141071"
Replace = skillbar-2="141071"

Search = skillbar-1="141072"
Replace = skillbar-2="141072"

Description = Assassin Shadow Dash swapped with Decoy

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Was he using the same talent tree on both of them, what are they called now, shadow and serpent?

Not sure if they have the same ID for both specs. That's my guess at a glance anyways unless he logged out and managed to do a file repair or something.


Thx for the reply!
We had limited time for testing due to he was having raid. So far we figured out his main is not the only char where it works.
On both chars it's working on both specs ( shadow & serpent). On his others it's not working( 4 of 6 ).

When we have more time for testing im gonna share the results here!
So far im glad that the addon is not the cause.
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