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  1. Addon Warlock Removing 1st and 2nd rmb on shadow Warlock

    Is it possible to remove the first and second rmb for shadow wl ? They just drain your focus faster than you can regain it and are annoying, canceling my hexstorm Thanks
  2. Request for shadow WL

    Hi there,I'm kind of new to this modding things, but would it possible to make assisted rotation on normal mode for shadow warlock ( similar to how warden has his rmb assisted rotation) to spam rmb and 4? This is mostly question to Exora~ Thanks in advance :3
  3. Request Addon WL remove skills from simplified combat

    hello i want to remove rmb and v skill from WL simplified combat ,i dont know skill id, if someone could help that would be appreciated
  4. Warlock (dragon call)

    possible to remove screen shake from - hit dragon call? without deleting the animation
  5. GunerX

    Stuttering when WL Soulburns? Try this.

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