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ui mod

  1. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] KR Font for NA/EU/TW

    A request by KeelzYou on the forums. This mod uses the exact same font as the KR client's UI. Includes a How to Use and Known Issues document. HERE IS A FIX IF YOUR GAME DOESN'T LOAD WHILE HAVING THIS MOD AND A VOICEPACK MOD ACTIVE: Just put "Mod_" in front of the name of your other mods or...
  2. Zommie

    Font UE4 [Mod] JP Font for NA/EU

    This mod used Hora's Roboto Font mod as a template. Special thanks to all these people for helping me figure it out. They all contributed tools and information to make this possible. ~From the BnS Buddy Discord: Ashllay, G Spot , Epic, Kayo, and KimCoder~ This mod uses the exact same font as...
  3. Reacht

    Texture [Borderless Clean UI]

    Im Looking for That UI. *w* 1630286843 i find here link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/355837257762078721/854008257935704144/Pro_UI_v0.3.zip
  4. oXDanteXo

    Other Anyone have this UI

    we need this UI plz Shared with comunity
  5. oXDanteXo

    Other i need this UI

    need this mod UI who can help me get it?
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