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  1. cupid

    Basic $h*t you should know by now

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! 300 posts!!!! To celebrate my achievement, I will write here all the basic $h*t you should know by now, cause I keep repeating it. This is an ever-growing, always-updating post, and should be read carefully. This list is presented in the form of question/answer, to make it...
  2. GunerX

    ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  3. GunerX

    How to ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  4. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  5. All about hair modding!

    Anivay's guide on hair modding. Saved from Blade & Soul Dojo before it was shut down. Hair Modding Guide by Anivay Hi guys! I've had a lot of people asking me about hair modding. I was thinking of making another video tutorial, but there's too many different cases/information for me to cover...
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