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  1. Zommie

    How to UE4 Introduction to Texture Modding for BnS UE4 * Updated 12/7/2022*

    I'm done with BnS and helping its shitty remaining player base, so don't contact me for anything regarding the game. Just in time for us to get hit with the sig lock that prevents modding. This tutorial was supposed to be out like 4 months ago but I unfortunately never had the time to finalize...
  2. cupid

    Basic $h*t you should know by now

    YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! 300 posts!!!! To celebrate my achievement, I will write here all the basic $h*t you should know by now, cause I keep repeating it. This is an ever-growing, always-updating post, and should be read carefully. This list is presented in the form of question/answer, to make it...
  3. GunerX

    ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  4. GunerX

    How to ALL THE THINGS BnS Buddy \o/

  5. Punio

    Step by step: How to use mods, addons and custom splashes

  6. All about hair modding!

    Anivay's guide on hair modding. Saved from Blade & Soul Dojo before it was shut down. Hair Modding Guide by Anivay Hi guys! I've had a lot of people asking me about hair modding. I was thinking of making another video tutorial, but there's too many different cases/information for me to cover...
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